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Complete School Algebra (Classic Reprint), Hawkes Herbert E.
Elementary Conics (Classic Reprint), Besant William Henry

Excerpt from Complete School Algebra This book, designed for at least one and one-half year's work in algebra, is intended for the use of those schools ... więcej

Excerpt from Elementary Conics The present issue contains the first eight chapters of "Conic Sections treated Geometrically," the ninth edition of which ... więcej

Tbilisi Mathematical Journal Volume 2 (2009),
Advanced Algebra (Classic Reprint), Collins Jos; V.

Tbilisi Mathematical Journal (TMJ) is a fully refereed international journal, publishing original research papers in all areas of mathematics. Papers should ... więcej

Excerpt from Advanced Algebra The review of the First Year Course to radicals is intentionally rapid, being presented as succinctly as clearness and thoroughness ... więcej

Modelo mixto de ajuste de sumas de exponenciales, Alvarez Adalys
The Minimal Resolution Conjecture for Projective Space of dimension 4., MUINDI DAMIAN

Este libro presenta el diseño de un modelo de optimización no lineal entero mixto para resolver un problema inverso con aplicación ... więcej

The Minimal Resolution Conjecture is known and has been verified for Projective Spaces of dimension 2 and 3. Also there many counter examples for example ... więcej

Grand Trunk Railway System, Company Grand Trunk Railway
The Algebra of Mohammed Ben Musa, Khuwarizmi Muhammad Ibn Musá

Excerpt from Grand Trunk Railway System: Class Instruction Book in Mechanical Drawing for Shop Apprentices Motive Power and Car Departments Everyone engaged ... więcej

Excerpt from The Algebra of Mohammed Ben Musa: Edited and Translated by Frederic Rosen IN the study Of history, the attention Of the observer is drawn ... więcej

Solutions of the Examples in Hall and Knight's Elementary Trigonometry (Classic Reprint), Hall H. S.
100 Statistical Tests, Kanji Gopal K.

Excerpt from Solutions of the Examples in Hall and Knight's Elementary Trigonometry IN preparing this Key two objects have been kept in view. It is intended ... więcej

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