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Nashville Journal of Medicine and Surgery, 1913, Vol. 12 (Classic Reprint), Author Unknown
The Suppression of Tuberculosis, Behring E. Von

Excerpt from Nashville Journal of Medicine and Surgery, 1913, Vol. 12 About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and ... więcej

Excerpt from The Suppression of Tuberculosis: Together With Observations Concerning Phthisiogenesis, in Man and Animals and Suggestions Concerning the ... więcej

Körperliche Symptome ohne ausreichenden Organbefund in China, Anselm Kathrin
Tomografia ad Impedenza Elettrica (EIT) in campo medico, Mandas Basilio

Das Auftreten und die Präsentation körperlicher Symptome ohne ausreichenden Organbefund sind ein Zusammenspiel multipler Einflussfaktoren. Die ... więcej

Al giorno d'oggi le tecniche di imaging in medicina si stanno diffondendo sempre più rapidamente. Uno dei fattori chiave a riguardo è l'aspetto ... więcej

Etat nutritionnel et profil lipidique de    patients IRC en DP, Bouzidi Nassima
L-Arginine Protection Against Ethylene Glycol Gastric Mucosal Damage, Kandeel Samah

L'objectif de cette recherche clinique est d'évaluer la consommation alimentaire ainsi que le profil lipidique et lipoprotéique de patients ... więcej

Gastritis is the most common disease of the stomach nowadays that could lead to different gastric complications such as ulcers and even worsen to gastric ... więcej

Impact of dental insurance on adults' oral health care, in Iran, Bayat Fariborz
The use of PRP to accelerate skin wound healing, Al-Haideri Yahya

Utilization of professional oral health care should be considered in organizing good oral health for the population. Use of oral health care services ... więcej

All types of wounds can compromise an individual's wellbeing, self-image, working capacity, and independence. These financial, social, and physical implications ... więcej

Bruxismo de Sue?o, Orsini S. César
To Pee Or Not to Pee, Schwartz MD Joel L.

El bruxismo de sueño corresponde a un comportamiento oromandibular que se define como un desorden de movimiento, de ocurrencia durante el sueño ... więcej

All men are faced with the possibility of having prostate cancer sometime in their lifetime. TV, newspapers and magazines present a sea of conflicting ... więcej

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