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HR Analytics and Innovations in Workforce Planning, Miller Tony
The Ghost in the Machine, Koestler Arthur

The very latest research shows that a process approach to interviewing provides greater structure and has the potential for significantly reducing bias. ... więcej

In The Sleepwalkers and The Act of Creation Arthur Koestler provided pioneering studies of scientific discovery and artistic inspiration, the twin pinnacles ... więcej

The Book on Incentive Compensation Management, Kelly David
Weezer Fan, Longstreth Alec

Variable compensation is one of the most misunderstood processes companies perform. ICM system implementations are very challenging because of it. This ... więcej

Alec Longstreth documents his lifelong obsession with his favorite band, weezer. Follow Alec as he listens to The Blue Album on the radio, joins the fan ... więcej

All One Wicca, Macmorgan-Douglas Kaatryn
The CSR International Research Compendium, Visser Wayne

The most important book on Wicca you've never heard of. Created to serve the rapidly growing Universal Eclectic Wiccan audience, All One Wicca was first ... więcej

In this 610 page Compendium, CSR International has compiled summaries of the best research on corporate sustainability, social responsibility and business ... więcej

Studies in the History of Mathematical Logic,
Learn How to Play Piano / Keyboard Chords Including 9ths & 13ths Etc. With Charts in Keyboard View, Woodward Martin

This volume contains seventeen essays in the history of modern mathematical logic. The first nine are concerned with the completeness of various logical ... więcej

Included in this book is the following: Chord construction (extensive); Chord substitution; Inversions; Audio links; Chord charts in keyboard view ... więcej

Managing Human Resources In Construction, Othman Ayman Ahmed Ezzat
Personal Trainer Marketing, Zarei Ehsan

The rapid political, economical, legal, technological and competitive changes in the business environment necessitated the importance of the teamwork ... więcej

Did You Waste A Lot Of Time & Money On Nonsense Marketing ? Are You Looking For An Easy To Follow And Understand Marketing Book ? Do You Want To Learn ... więcej

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