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Genius on the Edge, Imber Gerald
Change.edu, Rosen Andrew S

The groundbreaking biography of the most influential surgeon in American history  “Gerald Imber’s new biography is the first retelling ... więcej

It’s no wonder American higher education is facing a crisis. While low-income students can’t find a spot in their local community colleges ... więcej

Selling to Big Companies, Konrath Jill
Me 2.0, Revised and Updated Edition, Schawbel Dan

Struggling to Get Your Foot in the Door of Big Companies? Setting up meetings with corporate decision makers has never been harder. It's almost ... więcej

Me 2.0 shows job seekers and established professionals alike how to leverage the power of online media for personal empowerment and career success ... więcej

MBA Fundamentals Business Writing, Flood Timothy E
Kaplan GMAT Verbal Foundations, Kaplan

Need to summarize a meeting for your boss? Send an email that alerts the recipient to a change in plans? Formally respond to a customer’s query? ... więcej

Kaplan’s GMAT Verbal Foundations provides a back-to-basics, tutor-led approach to content review along with the skill-building practice you need ... więcej

MBA Fundamentals Accounting and Finance, Griffin Michael P.
Secrets of the Remote Workforce, Douglas Teresa

How do you make sense of the accounting report or balance sheet you’ve just been handed? How do these reports help you to understand the company’s ... więcej

“In midsummer 2010, I received a strange call from my manager. I was instructed to make myself available at 4:00 p.m. and to be in a place where ... więcej

Full-Frontal Nerdity, Wiswell K S
Kaplan GMAT Math Foundations, Kaplan

The perfect holiday gift for your favorite nerd! If you've ever wondered what astrophysics can teach you about the dating pool or how quantum particles ... więcej

No matter how long ago you sat in math class, or how much you dread doing math, there’s no need to stress. Kaplan’s GMAT Math Foundations ... więcej



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